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Using GitHub PR Flow with Terraform

In the past week, I was working on enabling Google Kubernetes Engine Workload Identity on our clusters. Workload Identity is a solution for connecting Kubernetes Service Account to Google Cloud Service Account – and by this, granting specific permissions to a specific workload on the cluster. While enabling workload identity is relatively simple, the hard question is how we enable it in scale – how we let devs use it easily and securely. And this is where Terraform come handy: using it, I can easily build an abstraction (=module) that developers could use to create all the resource required for workload identity. Writing this module allows me to carefully choose what to expose, building a paved road to be used by the developers. Finally, there are very interesting developments in the are of SAST for Terraform (see this talk, as one example) – making it an even more interesting tool. So, I decided to try and use Terraform for this. Writing the module was pretty easy (there are even public modules that exist, like this one), but how devs will use it? This is where GitHub PR flow come handy: Using the pull request mechanism (PR), we let everyone to ask permissions (self-service) while ensuring those changes go through a defined process of reviewing and testing before applying them. Let’s see how we can build the same flow for terraform! Continue reading “Using GitHub PR Flow with Terraform”